Reduce engine noise and improve communication in
Marine and Industrial
Reduce noise from machines and equipment in
Workshops and Factories
Improve audibility and sound quality in
Auditoriums and Theatres
Control background noise for clearer conversations in
Hospitals and Medical
Control background noise for clearer conversations in
Restaurants and Bars
Improved sound quality for clearer conversations in
Offices and Meeting Rooms


Tom Chaney – Technical Director for Quiet Acoustics explains the technology behind the Quiet Acoustics panels and demonstrates how effective they are at cancelling noise.



Quiet Acoustic panels are 100% Aluminium lightweight structural honeycomb sandwich panels, micro-perforated on one skin, and engineered to resonate and cancel noise.

Sound waves contact the panel, compressing the air in the cells. This produces a sound wave opposite in phase to the noise, cancelling it completely. No fibres, no mass, no noise.

Quiet Acoustics panels are made with high grade aluminium – they are completely fibre and foam free. They will not combust, corrode, be inhaled, fill with dust, sag, rot, collect bacteria, or degrade over time, making them ideal for industrial, offshore, hospital/clinical, educational, office and laboratory environments.



Marine and Industrials

Quiet Acoustics solutions are used to make on board communication more effective, reduce noise in engine rooms and sound proof cabins on ships and submarines

Workshops and Factories

Quiet Acoustics improve communication between workers in factories and workshops and assist in reducing worker fatigue from ongoing noise pollution

Schools and Universities

Quiet Acoustics reduce noise levels in classrooms, libraries and auditoriums to assist with communication and create a better environment for study

Offices and Meeting rooms

Quiet Acoustics reduce echo and noise in meeting rooms and open plan office environments so co-workers can communicate effectively in person and on the telephone

Restaurant and bars

Quiet Acoustics reduce background noise levels in restaurants, bars and cafes to improve conversation between customers and communication with staff

Auditoriums and Theatres

Quiet Acoustics improve the audibility and quality of sound being delivered by presenters and performers to audiences

Hospitals and Medical

Quiet Acoustics improve the environment in noisy waiting rooms, hospital wards and offices for better communication between medical practitioners, patients and visitors

Case Studies

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